HELLO THERE! We're Give Back Blooms and we're thrilled to meet you! We are a home grown company based in a small North Carolina town that ships high quality wrapped flower bouquets regionally in the US. Co-founders Karen Holmes and Bo Uhlhorn bring to the table a combined 30+ years of experience in the floral industry. Karen is the owner of The Davidson Flower Company, a small flower farm and floral design studio in Davidson, NC and Bo is a local floral wholesaler in the Lake Norman area. Bo's immense experience of sourcing premium florals from all over the world teams up with Karen's flower farming and floral design knowledge to bring their customers a floral product of the highest quality. But, we're here to tell you that we are about so much more than just flowers.
Here at Give Back Blooms, every petal counts towards making a difference. And while we pride ourselves on shipping beautiful blooms, our flowers simply play a supporting role to our bigger mission of giving back. Structured as a "Profit for Purpose” business, we make a commitment to giving back 10% of all sales to 3 charities nationally that each have a personal meaning to our team members. Facing head on some of our country's most pressing issues, No Kid HungryHabitat for Humanity, and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are making significant strides in ending childhood food insecurity, creating equitable housing, and advancing life saving medical research, respectively, and we are honored to support them in their vital work.
Our hope is to show people that the most beautiful thing about flowers is not just in their appearance or sweet scent, but rather in the lasting charitable impact they can have long after they have wilted. With each order a customer places, they know that 10% of their payment goes directly towards helping these charities with their greatest needs.
In a time when our world needs kindness and a helping hand, Give Back Blooms is working hard to do just that. Though we are physically distanced by the pandemic, it is more important than ever to stay emotionally connected with our friends and loved ones. We are true believers that the simple act of giving and receiving flowers is a universal language of love that anyone can understand. And with your support, we are bringing #FlowersonaMission to life!
With so much gratitude,

# F L O W E R S  O N  A  M I S S I O N